Figures and Artillery (unbased)

25/28mm 40mm
Foot Figure From £20 From £35
Cavalry Figure From £40 From £70
Foot Ashigaru / Basic Samurai From £30 From £45
Samurai Cavalry From £50 From £80
Pack/Draft Animals From £15 From £25
Guns, Limbers, Carts, Wagons From £35 From £55

These starting prices reflect the time and skill level required and would cover most types of standard model, whether military or civilian. However, more complicated or additional work, such as hand painted shields, particularly intricate costume detail or horse trappers, incurs extra cost, as do hand painted flags and conversion work. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


Standard basing costs £3.00 per foot figure and £4.50 per cavalry or draft animal figure. This involves groundwork created from Milliput, topped by sand and gravel, then painted and highlighted, with small rocks and grass tufts added.

Larger or more individualised (eg Victorian cobbles and street detritus) bases will cost extra. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Painting Specifications

All miniatures are painted to a consistent connoisseur standard. Castings are cleaned up and primed with black undercoat. The base colour will receive at least two highlights. Time is taken to achieve a realistic look, and faces are individualised and receive eyes. The model is then varnished, and based, if required.

Figure Supply

Miniatures to be painted will usually be supplied by the client. However, Painted Empires can source and supply models, but this will involve additional costs.