Welcome to Painted Empires by Paul M. Chapman
Welcome to Painted Empires, a connoisseur miniatures painting service for the discerning gamer and collector of model soldiers and other miniature figures by Paul M. Chapman. From the pageantry of the parade-ground and the realistic depiction of combat soldiers to the realms of fantasy and period genre fiction, Painted Empires can cater for your personal needs.

All eras, Ancient to Modern, are covered. Scales range, at present, from 25/28mm to 40mm, with planned expansion into larger sizes (54mm and up). Specialist areas include the Early Modern (eg Landsknechts, Ottomans, Samurai, Tudor, English Civil War and Thirty Years War) and Nineteenth Century (eg Napoleonic, American Civil War, Franco-Prussian War and countless Colonial Campaigns).

In addition to the strictly historical, our work also encompasses Victorian (including Steampunk and Gothic Horror), inter-war Pulp Adventure and classic Fantasy - of the Tolkien school rather than the pumped-up Boris Vallejo variety.

As a high quality service, painting miniatures to a connoisseur standard, Painted Empires employs a clean, highly detailed and naturalistic three-colour style, suited more towards single figures, small units and vignettes. However, this certainly does not rule out larger and more ambitious projects, which we would be happy to discuss with you on an individual basis.

Please contact Paul M. Chapman with your own particular requirements.